Our Team

The industry's best and brightest people are currently part of the Genocore Biotech team, all working toward tomorrow's breakthrough medicines. People come to Genocore Biotech for a number of reasons but remain at the company because each and every employee has the opportunity to make a real contribution to the discovery, development and commercialization of new medicines.

Strategic Principles

Pursue top quality science, internally and externally, balanced with medical need and commercial potential.

We also realize that creating tomorrow’s breakthrough medicines cannot happen through the work of Genocore Biotech alone. With that in mind, Genocore Biotech has established a global network that connects hundreds of the world’s leading researchers, academic centers and companies in open collaboration. Together, Genocore Biotech and our collaborators challenge the unknown and aim to extend the reach of science.

Genocore Biotech is proud of its team of scientists and business leaders and of the networks it has assembled to help advance the company in the years ahead.


Genocore Biotech creates new possibilities in medicine

Genocore Biotech is targeting some of the world's most devastating diseases in new and unconventional ways. Our work is difficult, but the results could have a profound impact on human health worldwide. This takes cutting-edge science, but also the right people. We take great pride in the culture we've fostered and people we've attracted to work with us. We are looking for passionate, innovative, fearless, and collaborative people to join our team.

We believe that innovation happens in great teams, and that today's complex problems require a team with diverse academic training and experience.

Are you interested in creating new possibilities in medicine to cure disease and improve people's lives? Do you thrive on working in a fast-paced, team-based environment? What if every day you could work, dream, share and grow with a company, while contributing to the discovery of life-saving medicines?

If you share this passion and want to make a difference by contributing to the discovery of life-saving medicines, then Genocore Biotech may be the place for you.


Our Commitment

Genocore Biotech is committed to making a positive impact on the world by developing medicines that help patients around the globe, creating a supportive environment for our employees, minimizing our carbon footprint, investing in science education and giving back to our local communities.

Helping patients - Science is the core of our work. Our research sheds new light on complex diseases and leads to therapies that can improve patients’ lives. Genocore Biotech researchers have developed leading treatments for multiple sclerosis and provided significant advances in the treatment of difficult illnesses.

We work to ensure that patients can access our therapies through assistance and support programs and through our work with patient advocates and regulatory agencies.

Enhancing the workplace - We believe that equality and diversity are crucial to a positive work environment. We promote a more inclusive culture by continuously engaging with employees.

Rethinking resources - We are committed to environmental sustainability.

Nurturing stem education - Future discoveries in biotechnology depend on bolstering the scientific literacy of students today. Our Genocore Biotech Foundation is creating global initiatives in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for students of every age — from young learners to those pursuing careers in life sciences.

Enriching communities - We strive to be a good neighbor in all of our corporate locations. Our “micro-grants” support science-oriented programs and activities globally. We also contribute to programs and institutions that provide our local communities with resources, and develop programs that enable and encourage our employees to engage in local communities.