Genocore Biotech’s team of researchers and collaborators creates innovative medicines that advance the treatment of serious medical conditions. But improving health requires more than scientific discovery. As we grow as a company, so does our responsibility to the patients and communities we serve.

Strategic Principles

Pursue top quality science, internally and externally, balanced with medical need and commercial potential.

Access to Medicines - We make it a priority to help ensure that our medicines are accessible to all people who need them, regardless of where they live or what resources they have. Genocore Biotech operates programs to expand access to medicines throughout the world.

Screening and Linkages to Care - One of the biggest barriers to improving health is the diagnosis and linkage to appropriate medical care for individuals with life-threatening diseases like.  We work with various partners throughout highly impacted communities to increase disease awareness, screening and linkages to care.

Supporting our Community - Our corporate giving programs provide support to healthcare and charitable activities related to our core therapeutic areas. We are also proud to support non-healthcare related social service, science and education, and community programs in the locations where Genocore Biotech operates.



Our Employees

The Genocore Biotech Code of Ethics requires employees' compliance with all laws and mandates fair dealing in all instances. Violations of our Code of Ethics by employees are not tolerated and can lead to disciplinary action, including termination of employment and referral for criminal prosecution. As part of our commitment to ensure our products are free from violations of all types of ethical standards, we plan to update our Code of Ethics and employee training materials to include provisions specifically targeted to address human slavery and trafficking.

Our Suppliers

We condemn the use of forced labor and human trafficking and endeavor to select suppliers who share our ethical standards.

Our manufacturers of intermediate products affirmatively state in their agreements with us that they will comply with applicable laws, which would include laws that prohibit human slavery and trafficking. Likewise, our direct suppliers also state in their agreements with us, to manufacture products in accordance with “Good Manufacturing Practices” and in compliance with applicable local laws, which includes prohibitions on human slavery and trafficking.

Although our suppliers are generally not audited by an independent auditor without notice, we conduct audits of our suppliers, yearly or more frequently if necessary, to ensure continued compliance and accountability. These audits, along with the personal engagement of Genocore Biotech management and in-person meetings that are routine to the operation of our business with our partners and suppliers, allow us to every extent possible to identify, address and eradicate any violations of laws or our Code of Ethics wherever they could occur in the supply chain.

Countries of Origin

We routinely evaluate and address the risk of ethical violations for all countries involved in our supply chain. We do not routinely engage a third party to conduct this evaluation. Rather, we rely on official government information to identify risks and act accordingly. We take extra precautions before sourcing product from countries that are still making efforts to bring themselves into full compliance with the proper legislations.




Sound corporate governance and high standards of ethical behavior are essential in sustaining our growth and success as a company, and in maintaining the trust and confidence of our stakeholders. Corporate governance at Genocore Biotech is designed to promote the long-term interests of our shareholders, maintain internal checks and balances, strengthen management accountability and foster responsible decision making.

Genocore Biotech continues to build on the strong foundation of current governance practices by updating or developing new Charters and Policies.

We updated our Code of Business Conduct (“the Code”). The revised Code underpins our commitment to integrity and sets out fundamental rules for interacting with others as we drive our business forward. Supporting policies, standard operating procedures and guidelines provide more detail on how our high-level commitments should be applied in practice. Compliance with the Code is mandatory, and training is prescribed for all Genocore Biotech employees.

Clinical trials are essential to the development of innovative medicines. Genocore Biotech is committed to the highest quality and ethical standards in all our clinical research. Our trials are performed in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines, and protocols are evaluated by independent review boards and ethics committees prior to study initiation. We are also dedicated to enhancing public health through responsible clinical trial information transparency which respects our proprietary information, patients’ privacy, laws and regulations.

We have a fundamental responsibility to market our medicines in a way that enhances patient care by helping healthcare professionals to make informed prescribing decisions. Ensuring high ethical standards in all our sales and marketing activities is a top priority, and all colleagues who interact with healthcare professionals receive specific training as part of our overall commitment to responsible business practices. Our policies regarding interaction with healthcare professionals are based on industry best practices.