About Us

Founded in December 2005, Genocore Biotech is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company focused on development and commercialization of therapeutic monoclonal antibody (mAbs) and Fc-fusion protein drugs.

Strategic Principles

Pursue top quality science, internally and externally, balanced with medical need and commercial potential.

With a total investment of about 95 million USD, Genocore Biotech now has 10 products in the pipeline with three at the clinical trial/IND stage, about 110 employees, and more than 6000 m2 of space including R&D lab, Process Development lab, Analytical & Quality center, and a cGMP clinical production facility. A commercial scale cGMP production facility is also under active planning.

Genocore Biotech has a highly experienced and well-integrated expert team whose expertise covers all the key steps of mAb drug research and development. They have on average 15-20 years of hand-on working experience at leading biopharmaceutical companies.

Partnership is an intrinsic part of Genocore Biotech corporate strategy. Besides in-house Research & Development we actively seek in-licensing, co-development or JV opportunities to strengthen our pipeline. At the same time, we are also actively exploring out-licensing and other creative collaboration models to help propel Genocore’s products into other emerging markets and/or western markets.


Who We Are

The first thing you'll notice about Genocore Biotech is that we are not a conventional pharmaceutical company. Each and every person at Genocore Biotech is driven by a passion for fearless innovation and a bold desire to transform the lives of millions with new medicines. Together, by creating new possibilities in medicine, our employees are quite literally changing the world.

In addition to our clinical development programs focused on cystic fibrosis, Genocore Biotech scientists are working on more than a dozen ongoing research programs aimed at other serious and life-threatening diseases. Our development pipeline includes several investigational medicines that have the potential to transform the treatment of serious diseases. Every day brings us a step closer to getting patients the medicines they need and potentially changing their lives in previously unimaginable ways. It's a demanding yet incredibly rewarding experience that cannot help but change your life in the process, too.

We employ the industry's best and brightest people at locations around the world – all of us working toward tomorrow's breakthrough medicines.


Genocore Biotech is not a technology company. It's a people company. Technology is not transformative – people are. People are the only ones that can transform anything.


We realize that creating tomorrow's breakthrough medicines cannot always happen through the work of Genocore Biotech alone. With that in mind, we have established a global network that connects more than 500 of the world's leading researchers, academic centers and companies in open collaboration. This networked approach gives Genocore Biotech access to many of the most exciting emerging technologies in the world and helps accelerate our understanding of disease, and subsequently, the discovery, development and commercialization of new medicines.


Genocore Biotech Culture

At Genocore Biotech, a commitment to the relentless pursuit of transformational medicines – fueled by an unconventionally collaborative environment – is our common bond.

The Genocore Biotech culture is something you experience, add to, share, and make your own. We believe that’s the best environment in which to contribute to the greater good – of your colleagues, of science, and of patients waiting for new medicines.

The question is not whether you’ll make a difference at Genocore Biotech, but how. It’s an everyday occurrence for our employees. Each open exchange of ideas, each question raised, each solution proposed, even each moment of comic relief, contributes to tomorrow’s next breakthrough medicines.


This is about getting a group of people together and developing a vision for something that seems impossible. This is about involving people in an undertaking that they’ll remember their whole life.


Our healthy competitive environment, with its free flow of ideas, will drive your desire to push yourself more than you may have thought was possible. The work can be demanding, but also exhilarating. Every day at Genocore Biotech you’ll work with some of the finest minds in the industry and will feel like a part of something larger than yourself.

At Genocore Biotech, we truly have a culture where you work hard and play hard. Whether it is making a life-changing discovery together, or bonding at one of our Friday Social Hours or Annual Day of Service, the bottom line is at Genocore Biotech, we believe in making a difference.


Caring Deeply. Changing Lives.

Genocore Biotech is one of the world’s pioneers in biotechnology, with a focus on developing therapies for neurodegenerative, hematologic and autoimmune disorders. Our work in biologics and small-molecule drug discovery has led to the world’s most extensive portfolio of multiple sclerosis therapies and innovative new treatments for hemophilia patients. Our experience, capabilities and passion for innovation have enabled us to build a pipeline and develop advanced research programs that include exploration of potential candidates for serious and difficult-to-treat neurodegenerative diseases and fibrotic and nonmalignant blood disorders. 

We are committed to research that uncovers the underlying biology of complex diseases. Our focus is on illnesses with few, if any, treatment options.